New Nissan Map Update Data and Features

Each Nissan map update offers a combination of new and modified data that improves the accuracy of your navigation system’s routing and estimated travel times. Every year, an average of 40,000 turn restrictions, 30,000 one-way streets, and 14,000 road signs are updated in the United States alone. Over the past year, the following changes were made to the United States map:

  • 216,000 miles of new roads
  • 300,000 updated speed limit postings
  • 74,000 new restaurants
  • Over 2 million new street names and addresses

In addition to refreshed data, some Nissan navigation system updates also include exciting new features:*

  • Advanced lane guidance directs you to the appropriate lane as you approach junctions
  • Text-to-speech and voice recognition provide a more natural way to interact with your navigation system
  • Speed limit information improves the accuracy of estimated arrival times, allows for more routing choices, and helps avoid unwanted traffic violations

Purchase your Nissan navigation system map update and enjoy improved accuracy and functionality.

Report Map Changes

At HERE, we strive to create the most accurate maps. You can be a part of the process. Check out the Map Creator tool to add and modify roads on HERE maps. Try out Map Creator now.

*New features do not apply to all Nissan navigation systems. The exact system is determined by vehicle model. To purchase the proper navigation system map update, visit the homepage and select your model and year.

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